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Schwarzkopf BLONDME Cool Blondes Neutralizing Mask 200ml


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Schwarzkopf BLONDME Cool Blondes Neutralizing Mask 200ml

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Cool Blondes Neutralizing Mask is a nourishing mask with repairing and neutralizing properties. This mask is particularly suitable for those with lightened and colored blonde hair that tends to develop yellow or orange undertones.

The cool pigments in this product help to both maintain and enrich blonde tones. It is therefore the best hair mask to add to the hair care routine of those who want to keep their hair a cool shade of blonde. Additionally, the formula helps to repair the internal structure of the hair. Thanks to the 3D Bond Creation Technology, this mask will work deep inside the hair to restore and rebuild its inner bonds. All without overburdening or weighing it down. This is especially important as lightened hair tends to be more delicate and fragile. Furthermore, this mask helps to detangle porous hair and ease combing. Lastly, it will visibly brighten the hair, both highlighted and lightened.


  • Texture: mask;
  • Hair issues: undesired warm undertones, damage;
  • Time of application: when needed;
  • Age: 16+;
  • Hair type: lightened and colored blonde hair;
  • Main benefits: neutralized warm undertones, repairs the inner hair structure, detangles the hair, brightens highlights, and lightened hair.

Main Ingredients

  • The innovative 3D Bond Creation Technology works deep in the hair fiber to help rebuild and restore the hair bonds thus strengthening the hair fiber. It also has the ability to balance the pH level of the hair.

How to use

Apply Schwarzkopf BLONDME Cool Blondes Neutralizing Mask to damp hair and leave it for five to ten minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. For better results, use once a week.

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